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Digital detox week – May 2017

Digital detox week – May 2017

This week, I started a digital detox challenge, here are my thoughts.

Day 1 – Beginning of my digital detox

Starting today I’m leaving my iPhone offline on “Air Plane mode” for a whole week. I want to experience the positive impact of being away from the web when I’m not in front of a computer. Sometime willpower isn’t enough. You have to turn-off the source of your addiction to experience how enslaved you were and how hard it is to get rid of an habit.

Day 4 – Half-way through my digital detox

Already Day 4 of my Mobile Digital Detox Week. Even now I sometime still have this bad habit of trying to get to my phone whenever I have some downtime and my offline phone is reminding me that I can’t (and shouldn’t). It’s a constant fight against the fear of missing out an important message and enjoying the freedom of being offline, but it gets easier as the days go by.

I now try to focus more on the present and take the time to properly plan for the future, without being disrupted by notifications and ‘inbox checking’ impulses.

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Overall, it’s a positive experience so far and I really feel that it gives me more time in my day to get more done and to make better decisions. I dare you to do the same and try it for a week! I’d be glad to hear about your own experience 🙂

Day 7 – End of my digital detox

My Extreme Mobile Digital Detox Week ended today and I decided to protect my new found freedom by applying those rules moving forward:

  1. Not using my phone in the morning.
  2. Turning off all my notifications except for these apps: Calendar and SMS
  3. Allowing myself to use my Phone only from noon to 1 pm on workdays.
  4. Leaving my phone close to the door as soon as I’m home.
  5. Not using my phone in the evening when the kids are still up
  6. Embracing this new freedom by doing meaningful things aligned with my values.

Let’s try these new rules for the next 2 weeks and we’ll see how it goes. It’s after you experience digital detox that you can truly measure how enslaved you were.

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