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Minimalism for my iPhone

Minimalism for my iPhone

As you may know, in the last few weeks, I drastically turned off most of my app notifications (even removed the small red badges with numbers).  Without knowing it I tried to align my self with the value promoted by minimalism.

For more details go read my last digital detox week.

Now I just got one step further into digital minimalism/detox. Our phones are cluttered with icons, notifications and disturbing apps. Once in a while it’s time to declutter this mess. Don’t forget, your dragging this cluttered device in your pocket each day. Wouldn’t it be great if the digital weight of this device was reduced. You might not feel it at first but I assure your that if you clean your digital clutter you’ll reduce your mental clutter.

In visual arts, music, and other mediums, minimalism is a style that uses pared-down design elements. – Wikipedia

My plan to achieve minimalism

Here’s what I did:

  • I removed all time wasting/addictive/distracting apps from the first page of apps (emails, messenger, LinkedIn, Hangout, etc…). This might be the first step before deleting them.
  • I unsubscribed from email newsletters and notifications (bye bye LinkedIn spam)
  • I removed the rights from most of the apps to use LTE/4G (no more distractions when I’m away)
  • I uncluttered my iPhone bottom dock and left only the phone app icon (bye bye gmail and calendar)

I wanted to make it as hard as possible to access those apps that fight for my attention and my precious time. It might feel like a cheat, but as with any addiction, you need to add barriers between you and the temptation.

It’s a small step toward aligning my actions to the values expressed in the Offline Manifesto.

If it wasn’t for Podcasts and GoogleMap, I even wonder if one day I might go back to a “Dumb phone”. Who knows maybe one day I’ll jump back to using a device focused on one thing: doing phone calls.


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