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Stop using your phone as an alarm clock now!

Stop using your phone as an alarm clock now!

What’s your favourite excuse for keeping your smart phone on your bedside table? Here’s mine: it’s such a convenient alarm clock. I just like to be woken up by the subtle cricket alarm sound it makes.

Let’s reevaluate our habit

Sadly a phone is way more than just a clock, it’s also an open door to external stress, noise and distractions. Most of the time when I set my alarm for the following morning I can’t help myself, I take a final look at my latest notifications and messages. I sometime even do a quick google search to get the answer for a question I had in my head. Whatever the reason, underneath it the real motivation is to take a last show of screen time before I go to sleep. Like any other addiction, I’m sure you have your list of reasons why you need to use it.

I’m currently reevaluating why I accept to sleep so close to this device.
It obsessively tries to fill my firsts and lasts minutes of every day with its glowing screen. I might be too weak but the only way I found is to leave my phone downstairs and replace him with a standard alarm clock.

My goodbye letter to my phone

Catkin / Pixabay

Dear Smart Phone, I decided to replace you with your ancestor, the one you replaced a while back, the good old alarm clock. Don’t worry it’s not you it’s me, I just decided to move forward and spend my nights without you.See you in the morning


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